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To Summon Confidence  

Take a deep breath, smile. To help remember who you are, focus on one quality of yourself you are proud of or one you want to be. How does it feel on your skin, in your stomach, does it feel warm, cool or hot? Take another deep breath.  Smile.  Imagine yourself being honored for that quality or honor yourself for that quality. Another deep breath. Smile. Feel the relaxation flow through your body from your skin inward, resonating as it meets itself inside.


Ever have one of those days, or weeks, or years, when things get really crazy and you feel yourself getting out of hand. You are not acting like yourself, or how you want to be. I’ve been known to turn into a scary 3 headed monster.  Or at least I imagine that’s what the people around me are seeing judging by the looks on their faces.   You can stop, take a deep breath and do a u-turn so you can get back to yourself.  It really is a You-turn!   Later on, when you have calmed down, pat yourself on the back, for turning yourself around literally. 


Symbolism of the Lotus

The essence of the lotus that calls to many is the way that it lives.

Born among the murky water, it transcends each day in its journey toward the light.  Gracefully it arrives blooming in true beauty, wisdom and purity.  The lotus echoes our own lives’ struggles, with light and darkness sometimes walking hand in hand.  Bravely, brilliantly and peacefully the lotus rises each day wisely choosing the beautiful opportunity that we each have to begin again.   




More peace, relaxation and healing than months of vacation ever could bring! That’s what mini-mega-meditations do.  They are one of the best ways; actually it may be the absolute best way for me to feel less stressed and good almost immediately.  Mini in length of time, but mega in power.  The words are simple.  (Aren’t simple things often the best?) Repeat in your mind or out loud “Thank you ________ for filling me with your peace.” I use Holy Spirit to fill in my blank, since that is what I call my higher power.  You can use whatever you choose, God, Jesus, Oprah ;) Allah, etc. whatever makes the most sense to you, actually you could leave the blank out altogether and just say, “Thank you for filling me with peace.”  Your power knows your mind.


Using this meditation can last me several days, it never ceases to amaze me or make me feel better.  I started using this after my son, who was 9 at the time, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and had to take 4 insulin injections a day and adjust to a new lifestyle.  I was so worried and stressed about him; I passed out a couple of times at work.  I found this meditation about thanking the Holy Spirit for the fruits of the Holy Spirit, peace, love, gentleness etc.  I figured I’d give it a try.  It worked like magic.  Soon I tried it in other areas too.  I figured if it worked there, it could work anywhere and I already believed that God could do anything.  Believing is a huge part. 


I had previously used affirmations in my life, but I noticed something awesome with these mini-mega-meditations?  Coupling the gratitude with the greatest spiritual power, God, increased the power and effectiveness exponentially.  I have a definite belief that God can do anything.  That belief fuels the meditation affirmation and it manifests beautifully.  Writing them out could work really well too.  The act of writing makes it kinesthetic.  From teaching I’ve learned that the more ways you use or take in material, the better you learn it. 


One of my favorite mini-mega-meditations is, “Thank you, Holy Spirit, for filling me with your peace.”Some of the others I’ve also used are grace, wisdom, and compassion. Humor is one of my favorites, since I love humor, but am not that naturally funny.  Compassion is good for those times that I’m not feeling as nice as I’d like.  I usually say them for about 30 seconds, but I’ve also said them 10 times, using my fingers to count off while I walked.  Sometimes, I notice myself saying them in my head, after I had intended to stop. Do whatever works for you. Believe me; the peaceful feeling is definitely worth 30 seconds of your time.  


 seasons-of-light-3  30 Day Thank and Love Your Body Challenge