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Where you can remember who you truly are and always know that you matter.                     Explore & Feel Your Worth











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                                                      Matter beautifully.







Bliss by Light is an application where you illuminate points of light, bliss lights, to signify thoughts or intentions for things like: gratitude, forgiveness, and goals. It is your soul’s story. Bliss by Light brings your intentions to life.  Click here for Bliss by Light Examples   Bliss by Light Video Tour 


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Remember who you truly are or help someone remember who they are with Bliss by Light.


 Soul Signature is an application where users choose words that describe who they are, or who they want to be.  The words become part of our bliss circles design. This is a great way to share how wonderful someone you love is, or help someone through a tough time. Click Here for Soul Signature Examples  Soul Signature Video Tour






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       Create Custom Charm Bracelets    Using Your Own Bliss by Light & Soul  Signatures with SBC Designs